Best Overlock Sewing Machines In India

An overlock sewing machine is an advanced sewing machine that is suitable for edging, hemming, and seaming. It works by joining the edges of the pieces of clothes to ensure a professional look to the edges

The intake of threads is higher to ensure the machine does not run out of thread while working the edges. The machine generally has a blade for trimming out the edges while the machine stitches. For more professional stitching, we recommend an overlock sewing machine over a regular sewing machine. Here is the list of the best overlock sewing machines in India. 

Best Overlock Sewing Machines


LUXMI OVERLOCK Sewing Machine, Red;Black

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The three-thread needle threading design of this overlock sewing machine will let you use it according to your needs. This has a cast iron bed for enhancing longevity. Additionally, it also lets you save time with a high speed of 3300 stitches per minute.

Furthermore, it comes with a durable motor that makes sure there will be quality results. Moreover, this has a simple operation and is available in a lightweight design. What makes the machine drive great is the powerful blend of motor, hand, and treadle.


  • Powerful motor for exceptional performance.
  • Lightweight build for easy portability.
  • Improved stitching speed for saving time.


  • The user manual could be more detailed. 


LPI OVERLOCK Sewing Machine (Green)

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With this overlock sewing machine, you can perform various tasks. This comes with a pressure foot lift of up to 5 mm. Moreover, it delivers an incredible performance so that you can easily use it for professional purposes. Additionally, it comes with two leaves and has a high-quality build.

The product comes in a three-thread overlock design and can also perform plain seaming. Furthermore, this will let you stitch fabrics of up to 3.2 mm. You can even use it for blind stitch hemming and have a better advantage.


  • High-quality construction for long-lasting use.
  • Three thread overlock design for performing plain seaming.
  • Pressure foot lift for user advantage.


  • The customer service needs some improvement. 

3) LILLIWEEN Mini Sewing

LILLIWEEN Mini Sewing Machine Portable Sewing Machine for Beginners Adult, Electric Crafting Speed Crafting Mending Machine Electric Overlock Sewing Machines for Sewing of Silks, , Wool, Leather (White)

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Ideal for a wide range of applications, this can be great for beginners. The overlock sewing machine comes with two-speed options so that you can master your project. Moreover, you will also find sewing light for having better convenience. This helps to prevent any mess as it comes with a cutter.

Additionally, you can use it conveniently due to the foot pedal and hand switch. It is available in a thoughtful design and has an attractive look. Furthermore, it delivers superior performance as it can sew four denim layers.


  • Built-in cutter for user convenience.
  • Sewing light offers better illumination.
  • Foot pedal design for hassle-free operation.


  • The size is small but works great.

4) Guru Special Overlock

Guru Special Overlock Machine with Stand and Motor

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The powerful motor of this overlock sewing machine makes sure that you have better convenience. It is ideal for cotton and nylon garments and can make 3600 SPM. Additionally, it comes with three threads that let you use it for edging or trimming.

The machine has lightweight construction for easy portability. Moreover, you will also find a stand so that there will be hassle-free operation. Furthermore, this can perform two layers of stitching so that there will be a professional finish. It has a heavy-duty build for improving speed and grip.


  • Functional stand for maximum comfort.
  • High-quality build improves durability.
  • Powerful motor for remarkable performance.


  • There is nothing wrong with such.

5) Panama Overlock

Panama Overlock Sewing Machine

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The high sewing speed of 3600 RPM makes this overlock sewing machine deliver remarkable performance. This will let you have maximum convenience as it features a presser foot lifter. Furthermore, it can perform a stitch width of up to 4 mm.

Moreover, the product makes sure there will be long-lasting use as it comes in a durable design. You can easily move it from one place to another as it has a lightweight build. Additionally, it is ideal for plain seaming and blind stitch hemming as it features thread over edger.


  • Presser foot lifter for easy operation.
  • 3600 RPM speed for saving time.
  • Thread over edger for blind stitch hemming.


  • It does not come with a proper guidebook.

6) Overlock/Interlock Sewing

Overlock/Interlock Sewing Machine for Tailoring Boutique School Uniform All Types of Uniforms, Green

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To make sure there will be custom performance, this one comes with dual speeds. The overlock sewing machine also features a built-in sewing light for improving illumination. Additionally, it can perform various tasks like auto winding, seaming, hemming, and buttonholing.

With this, you will be able to create neat and straight stitches. Moreover, it also comes with a free arm that can be perfect for circular sewing. It delivers incredible performance due to the powerful motor. Furthermore, it has a powerful speed of 3300 SPM so that there will be upgraded performance.


  • Free arm for circular sewing.
  • High sewing speed for upgraded performance.
  • Dual speed options for custom use.


  • The product belongs to a local brand.

7) LUCKY 50-Watt

LUCKY 50-Watt Overlock Sewing Machine (White, 13 LUCKY 747 FOUR THREAD OVERLOCK)

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The advanced technology of this overlock sewing machine will offer you comfort and convenience. It comes with a complete installation guide for saving time. Moreover, you will also find a presser foot for maximum efficiency. The iron construction can resist rust and enhances durability.

Furthermore, this is available in a multifunctional design and serves great for household overlock machines. It comes in a set of six pieces so that there will be value for money. Additionally, it delivers remarkable performance and lets you reflect on craftsmanship.


  • Complete installation guide prevents any mess.
  • Iron construction for enhancing durability.
  • Versatile design allows use for different purposes.


  • There are no reviews available.

Buying Guide

Factors To Consider

Quality: Consider investing in an overlock sewing machine that has high-quality construction. It must let you use it for a long time and come in a lightweight design.

Versatility: The one that can perform multiple tasks will be an ideal consideration. You must see if the overlock sewing machine comes with advanced technology, and it must have a powerful motor.

Easy Operation: Always see if the overlock sewing machine lets you have an easy operation. Some can come with the presser foot lift so that there will be easy controls. You can also find the one that can come with a free arm.

Sewing Light: With built-in light, there will be better illumination. You can easily use the machine during dark conditions.

Installation: You must see if the overlock sewing machine allows you to have easy installation. It must not come with any complications and has to be ideal for a beginner or children.

Sewing Speed: The speed can vary from one unit to another. You need another select the one that comes with a minimum speed of 3300 stitches per minute.

Extras: Look for the one that comes with multiple speed options. Consider the stitch length and width before making your purchase. Additionally, some can even come with a stand.


There are very limited overlock sewing machines available in the market, and some of them do not qualify for your purchase. Hence, our team of experts has handpicked the best overlock sewing machines that will ensure value for your money. Go through each one of them and use the buying guide to pick the perfect machine for your stitching work.

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